The body is designed to move and movement is freedom


(tension, stress & trauma release exercise)

is a universal body-based healing and wellness tool
that was created by Dr. David Berceli.

After spending time doing trauma recovery in the Middle East and Africa, Dr. Berceli noticed that, like animals, children allow the body to tremor (shake), to allow the stress chemicals to release and the stress cycle to complete when in highly stressful situations. 

Adults on the other hand, stop the tremoring because we’ve been cultured out of it, even though the benefits of this natural healing mechanism is hard wired in us, we have historically stopped it from happening for a variety of reasons. I believe the main reason, is not understanding it’s purpose.

TRE® is the magic to healing the shit we carry around from
current stress, tension to past trauma.

I’ve been involved with TRE® since 2014, practicing, teaching others and now training others to teach. It brought me out of a lifetime of fight or flight due to childhood trauma, and well life in general. One of my triggers is almost gone, I’m much more calm,  a way better mom and life is easier now because my resilience is up.

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I really felt the stars aligned when I found Christine.”

Yes, she is gifted at what she teaches – she is clearly passionate about TRE on a clinical and personal level, and yes this makes her a terrific teacher and mentor… however, it’s her heart that sets her apart from the flock. She deeply cares about her students and her sense of understanding and patience is the size of Mount Everest. There was a real sense of family within our cohort because of how she chose to show up – honest, vulnerable, skilled, open hearted and overall, deeply excited for all of us to succeed.
It was an honor to learn TRE under her

Neely M Benn, LCSW, CIMHP (She/her/hers)
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified TRE® Provider 2022
Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional


“Working with Christine was and is an absolute gift of my TRE® provider training experience.”

Christine possesses a rare combination of both personal and professional connection.  As a trainer, she was able to identify and relate to all of my feelings and frustrations throughout the demands of training and in fact is the main reason I didn’t quit the program early on.

Her passion for knowledge of the TRE® methodology and all things related to it was consistently evident and she always made time to address any questions or issues I had. I continue to draw on her experience and knowledge to guide me along my provider journey and consider myself fortunate to have this relationship.

– April Newton, Certified TRE® Provider 2021, Yoga Teacher

“I didn’t think I would have ever be able to complete the TRE® process without Christine’s tremendous understanding, care and support.”

Her wisdom and kindness were the light that kept me going forward without being afraid of falling down. For the first time in my life I have started to get a glimpse of what it means to be thriving instead of surviving.

If it weren’t for TRE® and this incredible program that helped me to find a real and solid solution to my CPTSD condition, I have tried medication, psychotherapy, meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques, but none of them helped me to reach the same state as TRE®.

Thanks a lot Christine, my beautiful mentor, for all what you have done for me, no words can really describe how much grateful I am for you.

– Montasir Mohamed, Control & Instrumentation Engineer,
Certified TRE® Provider 2021, CBT Practitioner, Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner

“I find this a remarkable thing. It blew my mind. Some of the most amazing work and amazing experience that I’ve had in any form of therapy. Such a simple method and results so dramatic.

– Dr. Andrew Weil, Father of Integrative Medicine

Experience TRE®

Work with me through one-on-one sessions, group or employee wellness sessions, or become a certified TRE® provider

When you work with me you get the benefit of my 30 years of experience in the teaching world, the fitness and wellness world, and as a TRE® Trainer

TRE® Certification Training

The TRE® Global Certification Training Program is a one-year (average) training program that will train you to be a Certified TRE® Provider.

What if you could learn an easy way to deal with daily

I want to help you find a NEW way to make your life and your clients, students and those around you easier, stress less and laugh more.

“Helplessness is a universal state for people overwhelmed by traumatic stress. Gaining control over their symptoms, their body and their life’s an essential part of the healing process.

TRE® is a powerful tool to achieve this. I  have personally used TRE® and have taught it to friends and patients with remarkable results.

– Robert Scaer, MD Author of “The Body Bears the Burden: Trauma Dissociation and Disease”

This program is designed for:

Health Professionals

Nurses, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Nurse Midwives can help their clients recover quicker and help others through a trauma sensitive lens.

Wellness Professionals

Accupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, Pilates and Yoga Teachers, Health & Wellness Coaches and Corporate Wellness Managers.

We all want to offer high quality experiences to our clients and students. TRE® is a sustainable simple way to provide lasting effects, will compliment your current classes and care.  It will possibly get to the deeper things you can’t reach.

Mental Health Professionals

TRE® is the missing link in the Mental Health Field. Current experts in the field agree that the body the missing piece to treatment plans. 

Program Outline

Download this year’s program outline and schedule your session below.

Christine and Dr. Berceli 2017

“Just as the bodymind continuum is a natural mechanism that has protected humans during their evolution, these same natural mechanisms continue to restore us to health.”

– Dr. David Berceli, TRE® Founder

TRE® in the news

Dr. David Berceli, creator of TRE®, was mentioned in the May 2019 issue of Oprah Magazine. O Life Coach Martha Beck spoke with Hurricane Harvey survivor Sara Cress about harnessing the transformative power of trauma.  She noted feeling a bit awkward at first but “about ten minutes in, I teared up and thought, Great, this is having an effect.” View the full article here.

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