If you have the right tools
life can be brighter, easier,
and lighter

You’re here because you’ve done all the things.

You tried Western medicine, you tried talk therapy,
you tried meditating, and on
and on
and on.

And it worked …for a while.
But it didn’t last. You were “band-aid”ing.
You probably know this by now.

Stored stress and trauma keep us down and operating at a lower frequency.

You get stuck because you’re storing shit that keeps you weighted down.

You need to get to the root of your shit and heal that so you can get  unstuck
and slay the world with your badass magic! 

Or are you and people in your circle looking for a new way to chill

You know there’s an easier way to be with each other,
but conflict or chaos is just getting in the way.

Everyone’s stressed and traumatized by life and doing their best,
but they need deep delicious long-term relief.

Group work is a great way to have a shared experience,
whether for conflict resolution or just a fun thing to do.

Why is my way different?

My philosophy of wellness is healing through awareness, action and accountability. I mean really healing, not the stuff that makes you feel better but only for a few hours.

I also like to have fun… healing does not have to be awful. You just need a plan, the right tools, and someone who gets it.

Get the support & structure you need

You need to heal, to feel better so generations to come aren’t carrying around your shit. Especially your children or those you love. They don’t deserve that. It’s time to stop the cycle of madness.

To understand what real health and wellness is, you have to put in the work, but you don’t have to do it alone. You need a short-term actionable plan for the now and a long-term plan to live well.

Check out the…
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to get started!

Start today… privately 1:1 or with a group

You need new tools now, strategy and structure
because you’re living with an operating system
(central nervous system) that been around for millions of years.
Your system can’t evolve and change as fast as the rest of the world is.

You have to up your game with a

strategic plan for living well

in a very unhealthy world.

Learn the easiest way to make lasting change and feel better longer.

The right system and the right support make all the difference.

I didn’t have these systems and tools growing up. 

If I had, life might have been easier.

Meet Christine

I truly believe that actionable Wellness & TRE® are the missing magic we all need now. I’ve been a teacher, movement and exercise geek for over 35 years.

Movement kept me sane, kept my stress managed and helped regulate my mental health. What exercise didn’t do was get at the deep uncomfortable feeling that a lot of us  feel and understand but can’t quiet explain.

Let me teach you TRE® or teach you how to teach TRE® to others and help spread this simple sustainable body based healing practice to the world.

Read Christine's Story

Trigger warning…

As funny as it sounds, and I LOVE TO LAUGH, I really believe exercise saved my life. I’ve NEVER had a plan to end my life, but until I was around 20, unless I was with my friends, I was depressed, uncomfortable in my skin, reactionary, and the list goes on…(I call this trauma drama). Why? Because as someone with a history of childhood sexual trauma, these thoughts, feelings and actions are part of the package, I later learned.

So, what changed when I was 20? It was my first go round with college and I took an aerobic class (moving, music, laughing and fun – yes in awesome thong leotards and scrunchie sox) in college, I finally started to FEEL good. The key word here is “FEEL”. I’d never felt that before and it was magic. I felt good being with friends and clubbing, but the day after was hell. I hated the day after from partying.

Movement was magic
and my body knew it.

I became an instructor. I taught everything from Step and Spinning to yoga for over 30 years. My body needed to move to feel good. I was addicted to the endorphins and the serotonin I so desperately needed. So much so that when I didn’t exercise daily, I felt bad again. But, the band-aid is temporary.

Fast forward… multiple degrees and certifications, marriage(s), children, divorce, single parenting, career changes, self-employed and more. My endorphin addiction didn’t help the big stuff. My body was falling apart. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and there’s only so much wine a person can drink. Therapy helped but was not enough.

What I know is that what I do with my body
has a profound effect
on my mental health.

In 2014, I was introduced to TRE. It taught me about trauma, that my body can heal itself and it made sense of my life. My friends and family started saying things like, “You seem much more calm.” I was and that internal crappy feeling started to get smaller, triggers started to decrease and my resilience increased. I was doing the work. I still do the work!

I continue to learn. I can now sit with the uncomfortable (anxiety and depression)and learn from it. I also practice self-care, self-love and continue to increase my vibration on this planet…because I understand why I am me. I promised myself years ago to…”do my work, do good work and do no harm.” 

I believe
Movement is magic.
Laughter, real food and TRE heal.


Heal your shit, get unstuck,
and create the life you 

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