You have it in you to make your life easier, increase your resilience and…

heal your


What if you could learn an easy way to deal with daily
anger, anxiety, overwhelm, reactivity, & self shaming?

I want to help you find a NEW way to make your life easier, stress less and laugh more.

Meet Christine

I’m Christine and I truly believe that we all deserve to feel good and be well. I also believe that with my unique approach to wellness and TRE®, anyone – even you – can find your inner health and happiness.

Wellness is my passion, and I’ve been an educator and exercise and yoga instructor for over 35 years. I want to show you firsthand how movement can help keep you sane, your stress managed, and help regulate your mental health.


Not sure where to start?

Click here if this is your first time to my site to learn more about TRE® and my unique approach to wellness

Ways to Work with Christine

Work With Me 1:1

As humans, our stress response to natural threats hasn’t adapted to how fast life comes at us.

You need new tools and a
strategic plan to get unstuck.

Work With Me In A Group

Your clients, employees, family and students need a new way to live easier,
stress less
and laugh more.

Learn to Teach TRE®

The TRE® Global Certification Training Program: You’ll practice an learn how to help people start responding and stop reacting, increase resilience and decrease overwhelm and more.

"I am so impressed and grateful for each unique experience and for Christine's expertise and gentle guidance."

She creates a safe space for the body to process stress and trauma and to let it go. It is an expansive and mindful process of recognizing, accepting, and observing at a physical and conscious or unconscious level and allowing it to flow through you. It is truly transformative and the more you do it the better it gets!

Carleen Sterner, MD. Mom, Ayurveda Practitioner, Laugher Yoga Teacher

"Her organic energy and intuitive nature is what makes her a wonderful teacher."

She brings her wide and varied background of education and fitness to everything she does. Christy’s  personal sense of humor bring a new dynamic to her classes as well. It is a privlege to include her among my friends.

LeeAnn Richards, Mom, Restorative Yoga Teacher

"I have learned much from her and hope to continue to have her “influence” me for many years to come."

She has inherent people skills which allow her to support and encourage children and adults alike to achieve desired goals. With her encouragement and teaching she has given many children as well as adults the tools to move forward, to be healthy and to live life fully.

Judy Herrell, Speech & Language Pathologist, Mom, Yoga Lover

Christine’s New Book

Heal Your Sh!t
Voted #1
Best Local Book Released In The Last Year

Heal your shit,

get unstuck,

and create the life you deserve

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